SWARM is cloud-based. As a result, users can access its features whenever and wherever so long as they have something capable of connecting to the Internet, meaning that businesses can become much more flexible through its use. SWARM is Optimized with Robust Alerting system to meet your dead lines such as Immigration documents, Time sheet alerts and so on. SWARM Software for Workforce automation and resource management is a HR management software suite with a comprehensive set of features that can help businesses make the best use of their workforce full potential. In part, it can help businesses by automating the routine processes that keep them running in a smooth and uninterrupted manner, thus freeing their workforce's to focus on other matters while also eliminating the potential for human error. However, it should also be noted that SWARM can improve communication within businesses, thus enabling better coordination than otherwise possible. Summed up, the features included in the software suite make it not just powerful but also versatile, thus making it well-suited to a wide range of businesses in a wide range of industries. List of features: User Access. Messages - To view or sent messages. profile - To view his profile (work, home address and project details). He can change his password also from profile. Time sheets - To save the working hours of that particular day and submit it for approval of the admin. Leave's - Request the management for any leave's. Claim Expenses - Place a request for any expenses along with the proof as attachment. Time Log - To calculate the time between login & logout along with the current location. Once login the location services will be used in background until he logout if forget automatically it will be logged out after 8 hours. Cash Advance - Employee can request the administration for any cash advance. Admin Access. Approve Time sheets - This is to approve the weekly time sheets which are submitted for approval. Approve Daily Time sheets - This is to approve the daily time sheets which are submitted for approval. Approve Leaves - This is to approve or reject the leave's which are applied. Approve Expenses - Admin can approve or reject the expenses are submitted for claim. Assets - Admin can create / assign any asset to employee along with its cost and expiry date. Approve Cash Advance - Admin can approve / reject the request placed for cash advance's. NOTE: 1. Application uses the Camera/Photo Library to upload attachments. 2. Application uses the location services Always as it's required to fetch the current location of the user in background until he log out (Logout from Time Log feature).
Operating System Android