TallyGo - Expense Tracker and Tax Helper

TallyGo is the result of a winning idea from a Hackathon Competition organised by IRAS. More than just an expense tracker, it helps in your tax filing by: Generating profit and loss. Generating reliefs (coming soon.). Some of the more exciting functions include: OCR - Automatically scans receipt details for you. Location Tag - bookmark a place to take note of an expense to key in later. "Notification badge" - inbuilt notification helps to remind user to make "incomplete" expenses to "complete" expenses for a proper tax claim. What is TallyGo used for? To really simplify how one track and claim expenses. Who is TallyGo for? Self-employed, Commission AgentsIndividuals (as expense tracker.). How can TallyGo help you? Track and claim expenses for multiple businessessimultaneously if needed. Easily adds multiple expenses in less than 5 secs. Export expenses (together with receipt) to excel. Reasons to use TallyGo: User friendliness is a major part of our app. All these functions are all in just ONE main page. No more complex navigation. What makes it different? Auto generation of Profit & Loss and Reliefs will save you a lot of time when filing for tax comes. What's up and coming? TallyGo next exciting function would be our "IRAS Tax Relief Generator". This will help user understand what reliefs are available for them based on a simple algorithm from our end. Let us know if there's any concern and we welcome all feedback at: contact@tallygo. sg or www.tallygo. sg.
Operating System Android