Available Loads for Landstar BCOs

Landstar's Available Loads app is a fast and easy way for Business Capacity Owners (BCOs) to search Landstar's available load board using various criteria to find their next load. Sign in with a current LandstarOnline username and password to start searching for loads today. Use the Available Loads app to find and manage the selection of loads: Search for loads by trailer type, origin, destination, dates, weight, miles, revenue, rate per mile and other criteria. View load details including, revenue, rate per mile, load dates/times, weight, miles, load age, load comments and many other details. Sort search results by revenue, rate per mile or age. Contact Landstar agents to secure the load and ask questions. Save load search parameters to easily complete a common search. Hide loads displayed in the search that are not relevant. Create a list of loads that are of interest. Call a Landstar agent on a load directly from the load search result and/or email the load details. We are a safety-first company. Please DO NOT use this mobile application while operating your vehicle. This mobile app is for Landstar BCOs with a current LandstarOnline username and password. Owner-operators interested in joining the Landstar team can contact BCO Recruiting at 1-800-435-4010 or www.leasetolandstar.com. Drive Safely.
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