By way of introduction, KUDi Digital Services Limited ("KUDi") is a financial technology company established in concert with IT Consortium and Rancard Solutions, notable leading Ghanaian companies in the payment sector. Let's start with what we are not: a Mobile Money Payment platform or Payment Switch or Online Internet banking platform or a bank. We offer all of these attributes and more. Consumers are now demanding simple and easy access to banking products and services at their instance, from their location. KUDi is that silent financial service partner in step with the consumer all the time, every time. We intend to position the brand as offering cheaper, faster, simpler financial products and services, underpinned by a platform that guarantees consistent reliability. 'Banking is no longer somewhere you go, it's something you do. ' Bill Gates. KUDi owns and operates the KUDi wallet which offers: (1) financial products and services in the mobile space including but not limited to Airtime purchases, bill payments, utility payments, eVouchers, remittances, prepaid virtual cards, retail solutions, savings and investments; (2) features including but not limited to secure pay ("Show me the money"), P2P, subscription payments, group contributions, personal budget planner, card less ATM withdrawals, and payments across existing platforms on offer by mobile network operators; (3) platform features including but not limited to a core operating system that is PCI DSS compliant, hosted in two geographically separated data centres (Dallas Fort-Worth and London) with realtime replication of sessions and data which guarantees 99.97% platform availability; (4) e-value on KUDi wallets equivalent to money from cash deposits at teller points, 3rd party mobile wallets (MTN, Tigo, etc), direct debits to bank accounts and cards (prepaid, credit, debit) transactions.
Operating System Android