Tomatodo Lite-Pomodoro Technique,Efficient

Beautiful and Powerful App with Pomodoro Technique. Very simple to use, all operation is simple and clear, there's no extra learning cost. And rich functions below: 1. ToDo list2. Pomodoro clock3. "Strict Mode"- Prevent other App that may distract you opening4. White noise5. Remind setting6. Work data analysis and display7. Use Powerful function to manage your "Habit" and "Goal". You can use Technique Pomodoro to work and learning more more efficient with this App. All step in Technique Pomodoro can repetition by this App: Tomato working method (Technique Pomodoro) is a time management method, in the last century in 80s by the Cirillo Francesco. The method uses a timer to split out a general for 25 minutes of work time and 5 minutes of rest time, and those time periods are called pomodori, for the Italian word pomodoro plural. The key to the work law of tomato is planning, tracking, recording, processing, and visualization. In the planning stage, the task is based on priority into the "Do Today To" list. This allows the user to expect the workload for each task. When each tomato is finished, the results will be recorded in order to improve the participant's sense of accomplishment and to provide the original data for future self observation and improvement. Planning: each day's to-do list in your hands. Record: each time the completion will be recorded and synchronized to the cloud, can be viewed at any timeTreatment: according to your work, the length of the arrangement set the most suitable for you, the length of TomatoVisualization: at any time in a graphical way to view the recent completion of the situation in month.
Operating System Android