SpeakEasy - Friends and Family Promotions

1. Empower Employees to Drive New Business Via Friends & Family Promotions2. Select Employees Most likely to Elevate Your Promotion3. Control How Many Offers Each Employee Can Share4. Restrict Which Customers Receive Promotions Based on Past Offers5. Track Important Data Points for Each Promotion: Views, Redemptions, Employee EffortSpeakEasy is the premier tool for businesses to create friends and family promotions. With the SpeakEasy app, business owners can direct their employees to share exclusive offers with their closest contacts, all done in-app. Easily create and distribute promotions on demand. You define the offer, who can receive it, and when it's valid. You choose which employees share the offer; they choose the person most likely to redeem. Your employees choose friends and family from their personal contacts. Customers receive a text message from your employee, with a name and face they recognize. Only that customer can view and redeem the exclusive offer. You see how many offers are distributed, how many redemptions are made, and which employees are most effective at promoting. Just SpeakEasy.
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