Gary Vaynerchuk Video Roulette

The Gary Vaynerchuk Video Roulette app is a simple way to fuel your hustle as an entrepreneur or business man/women. We know being on the grind has its ups and downs. Don't worry. When it comes to business, entrepreneurship, self-awareness, motivation and hustle Gary Vaynerchuk is your guy. Our app is a simple way to keep Gary's Youtube videos rolling and you get to sit back and enjoy the ride with no random interruptions. What type of videos you can expect: Hustle. Gary is the master of hustle. It's in his DNA. Watch and learn by paying close attention to Daily Vee were he vlogs daily to capture his climb to buying the jets Entrepreneurship. Whether it's running a twitter account, executing a snapchat marketing strategy, running a 100 million dollar a year business or garage selling and flipping on eBay. Watch Gary and learn how to stay ahead of the entrepreneurial curveSelf-Awareness. Focus on your strengths and double down on those. Screw your weaknesses. Gary will teach you how to dig deep to figure out you and then execute. Business. Gary talks about businesses of all shapes and sizes. His question and answer (Q&A) sessions are customized to the person that's asking which allows his answers to be legendary and insightful. He can talk about the clouds or the dirt. What type of questions does Gary answer for you? Here's some examples from his show. What do you think is the most critical thing from military and try to do business? How to do business when you don't have much money? Have you ever made a business decision that messed up your friendship or relationship with someone? How do I connect with more positive people using social media? How does one leverage content from magazines to throw jabs at a customer who's attention is generally not there? How do you help new team members buy into what you are trying to achieve?
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