iDryClean Pro has arrived. We have added many new features to this version. The app will enable you to track the status of your dropped off orders. Schedule delivery request, pre-pay orders and so much more. Note: If you were using version 1 or 2 of iDryClean you will need to uninstall it and install the Pro version. You will be required to sign up again when using this new version. The iDryClean Pro mobile applications is compatible only with Dry Cleaners who use the Liberty Computers Touch Control point of sale system. Ask you Dry Cleaner today about using Liberty Computer's iDryClean Pro Mobile Application. Here is the full list of features: Search and Sign up for a Dry Cleaner in your area- Track the status of your orders- Schedule a Pickup or Delivery (at participating locations) - Full Ticket Recall (No need for paper tickets) - Speed up picking up your clothes by prepaying in advance- Receive Push Notifications when your order is written and ready to be picked up- Promotions will also be pushed so you will be the first to know when a sale is available.
Operating System Android