HOA Vision - Work Order & Task Management

Our application allows you to check on your employee to see what tasks are open, completed, or somewhere in between. This real-time update capability allows you to stay up to date on what is occurring at your community on your schedule. This allows you to be better prepared for community meetings, board meetings, owner questions, and issues with any work projects occurring at your community. Send work orders to your on-site maintenance employee. Smartphone app for your employee's to view, update, and set the status of each work order. Employee reminders for each work order assigned and near the due date. Option for your employee to open Work Tasks to log maintenance items outside of normal day-to-day work. Web portal access to view open and closed work orders and maintenance tasks. Manager and HOA Board of Directors anytime, anywhere visibility of work order status. Utilize the employee check-in and check-out feature to always know when your employee arrives at the community or leaves. GPS location shows where they were when they checked in or checked out.
Operating System Android