OpenVoice Audio Conferencing

The OpenVoice mobile app makes it easy to join and schedule conference calls on the go. Start or join with one tap - no more hassling with access and conference room numbers. OpenVoice Audio Conferencing OpenVoice 24x7 Support OpenVoice is a high-quality, reservationless audio conferencing service that allows you to hold discussions with up to 500 participants. And now you can use this free app for Android to start or join a call with one tap or quickly schedule a conference call in a few short steps. Features: START AND SCHEDULE YOUR CONFERENCE CALL. Quickly schedule calls and invite attendees. Start an ad hoc or scheduled call without the hassle of typing access and PIN numbers. Send quick email notifications to meeting attendees. For example: "I'll be late, " or "Let's reschedule. " JOIN A CONFERENCE CALL. View your upcoming conferences. Join a scheduled conference call with one tap. Join an ad hoc conference call by entering the conference room number.
Operating System Android