SIGNATURE, as said its proof of identity or intent. And also it's a handwritten depiction of someone's name, nickname, or even a simple "X" or another mark that a person writes on the document. What's Signature? Well, the Signature app is a signature pad that allows you to create and practice your signature on the mobile screen. Just not the signature but you can also write anything you want to convey to someone, on the spot without opening your mouth. Say, whenever you don't have a book or a pen, and you want to convey a message, or maybe you want to note down something quickly, then this comes to your rescue because Signature pad app has got your back. The Signature app also provides you a simple way to sign and save that in JPG and SVG format anywhere at any time. Tit is his surely is an amazing app for scan like a signature. Wherein, you just have to drag your fingers on your mobile screen and write anything or practice your signature and save it directly to the gallery. How to use? Simply download and install Signature by ATechnos from the Google play store which is absolutely free. Once installed, a white writing pad like screen pops up. You just have to use your figure to write your signature or be it anything. After your hand drawing, just tap on save signature option. Your signature will be saved straight to the gallery. Features: It's a free signature app. Simple, easy and safe to use. Use your finger to write your signature or may be anything. You can easily erase anything on the screen using the "clear pad" option. Share your writings or signature via email, or different social platforms. This app will not use your signature anywhere; anything drawn on the screen will be saved to your gallery. Just install the Signature app if you have a habit of forgetting to carry a paper or a pen along with you. Because after installing this you don't have to carry anything. You can also practice your signature without wasting papers or inks. Great isn't? So wait for not. download now.
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