We are a locally owned and operated strength and conditioning training facility. We specialize in group fitness and personal training with a main focus on functional fitness, cross-training, nutrition and lifestyle wellness and management. Serving the health and fitness community west of metro Atlanta, including Douglasville, Villa Rica and Lithia Springs. Since opening in March of 2012, we have established an unparalleled community assisting our members in achieving their health and fitness goals. We are not just another "gym", we are a community. We want to change lives. We all work really hard at our jobs and at life, sometimes without any positive feed back or validation. We strive to create an environment where you feel a sense of belonging and purpose. A place that is positive and uplifting and where you can let go of the stress of the day. We feel that it is our purpose and responsibility to assist you in overcoming obstacles that have held you back from achieving your goals. We do this through the power of fitness and nutrition. This is not about diet and exercise or about finishing first or being the best. This is about harnessing your full potential. This is just as much about our mental and physical health and wellness as it is about functional fitness and proper nutrition. In our experience, members are more apt to make lasting lifestyle changes when they have a sense of community and belonging. We offer a positive uplifting atmosphere where members thrive on being a part of a community based on a healthy positive lifestyle. We refer to all our members as athletes, because we are all competing in the sport of life. What you can expect when training with us: You will always have a coach to program your workouts, to help you realize your full potential and to keep you accountable for your goals. You will have training partners to help push, motivate and inspire you towards your goal, no matter how big or how small, this is your journey and your community. Who we train: Anyone with a goal. We train a wide variety of athletes each with individualized goals and levels of fitness. Our athletes range from the working professionals, grandparents, stay at stay at home moms, adaptive athletes, elite athletes, sport specific athletes, runners, yogis, cyclists, tri-athletes, athletes with MS, athletes who have overcome a wide variety of injuries and medical conditions. From elite athletes looking to improve their performance in a particular sport to a grandmother seeking to gain strength to pick up her grand-kids from the floor to over her head, functional training is the answer to improving the overall health and well being of everyone, no matter what level of fitness. Programs and classes we offer: Complimentary Intro Session (Start Here) Fundamentals Classes Group Training Classes Barbell Club Personal Training/Coaching Nutritional Coaching Integrative Wellness and Life CoachingIf you want to learn how to move properly and get in shape while doing so. you found the right place. If you are looking for a place just to put up big numbers while sacrificing form and technique. we are not for you. There are other gyms around for that. We care about our members. We want you to get strongand fit. We want you to move to your best ability. We want you to have fun. Most importantly, we want you to stay safe. We care about you more than a score. Please remember that patience and consistency are the most important components to a lifestyle change. Try to remember to be patient with yourself while learning new things. It takes at least three months of consistency for the mind and body to come together and respond to the habits you are creating. We are just as serious about your journey as you are, so please practice patience, be consistent and ENJOY the journey.
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