IQBOXY digitizes & codes your documents in real-time, saving you time & pain from tax obligatory bookkeeping requirements. Ideal for independent workers (gig economy) and businesses. You should demand the best and we want to give you the best. IQBOXY is the only app on Google Play with the fastest real-time optical character recognition (OCR) technology + deep learning network which learns and takes over as your bookkeeper. WHO IS LOOKING AT YOUR DATA? With IQBOXY no one except for machines. IQBOXY is 100% machine powered end-to-end. This means no preying eyes in cheap labor countries processing your documents or doing your bookkeeping. 3 CONFIGURATIONS OF IQBOXYIQBOXY comes in 3 configuration including a FREE Starter plan. I dare you to experience what apps should feel like in 2017. Your CPA will love you. WHY NOW? Every solution out there sucks. Up until now, every solution we tried employed smoke and mirrors. A human behind a spreadsheet in the cloud. It's 2017. As software engineers with financial services experience, we set out to change that. Say HELLO to IQBoxy. 100% machine automated mobile-first platform using machine learning with our secret sauce and a sprinkle of OCR. This provides a pleasant experience, fast processing speeds and real-time experience that business owners should demand in 2017. COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR CPAYou can invite your CPA to your IQBOXY portal and have them receive all your business financial documents in real-time. Helps you get your Tax done faster. No more emailing documents, or shuffling paperwork. Furthermore, your CPA can stay on top of your finances down to the last seconds. Powerful right.
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