My BusinessThe perfect business management app. My Business is integrated with all the necessary features that requires to manage your business. Whether it is a service providing business or a retail business, "My Business" can manage the your business impressively. The full features that integrated with My Business are Quotations, Invoices, Work Schedule, Business Letters, Clients, Employee Management and Notes. The Quotations feature allows you to create quotations, add those quotations to database to view the information later on. When creating quotations you can create rows that contains up to 5 sub rows. You can also view the accepted quotations, declined quotations and the quotation that isn't declined or accepted by the clients with ease. The Invoices feature allows you to create new invoices, create invoices for pre sent quotations, add those invoices to database to view the information later on. When creating a invoice for a pre sent quotation all you have to do is entering the quotation number that relates and setting the other fields. No need to enter the information to rows all over again. You can also view the paid invoices and non-paid invoices with ease. The work schedule feature allows you to enter the accepted works and view their status to help you manage your business correctly. This feature is only available if you are having a service providing business. The Business Letters feature allows you to create business letter with ease according to the international business letter format. The Clients feature allows you to enter the information of your clients and view the information of clients and later refer to that information when creating invoice and quotations. The Employee management allows you to enter the information of employees of your business, view the information of your business's employees, mark the attendance of employees, view the attendance of employees and make the pay sheets of employees. The notes feature allows you to take quick notes of important things and save them. All the documents that generated from the My Business is in PDF format and you can easily edit them or email to clients in instance. In Profile and settings you can set up your company/Business profile and make changes to the app that you want on settings. Change the document decoration options to the way that you want to documents to be look.
Operating System Android