We know the care in measuring and time limitations required of a made to measure clothier. For this reason, we have brought our years of experience and knowledge and placed them into an application to provide you quick access to the necessary tools to be quick, efficient and successful in your work. The new (iD) Skiffle application (in tailoring terms a Skiffle is a job needed done in a hurry) allows dealers to save detailed customer profiles, search orders, visualize garments and view the numerous style options using stylebook, all condensed into one dynamic application. Additionally, any information that is saved within the application is also saved in our web-based platform as well (internet enabling devices required). The first of the many features on the application is the client's profile, accessed by choosing the Clients tab. After selecting the name of your client from the list of clients displayed, you will then have the options of adding or seeing the client's measurements, and contact information. You can also access the order history of that specific client within the client's profile. For quicker measuring with the measurement tool, you can simply add a chest measurement and the system will predict the remaining measurements. You can then easily edit each measurement to the nearest 1/8-inch increments. When you like the measurement just tap on the (X) and turn it into a check and click Save and the measurements are now stored on our platform. Additionally, the measurements can be organized in the order of your preference by clicking and dragging them to the desired order. Without having to log into our web site, you can now view real time data of when garment orders flow through the different statuses. Orders can be viewed by entering the garment (ID number) or order (DO number) in the order option from the main menu. Our QR code reader under the Fabrics tab lets you quickly reference whether or not a chosen fabric is in stock. By simply scanning the QR code on the back of your fabric swatch books you can view the availability status of each fabric in that specific collection. Also, for your convenience, we included the iDesign studio under the Studio tab of the main menu. With a few simple clicks, you can begin to visualize your garments and then when you save your garments, they are then directly saved into our platform (internet enabling devices are required). To further assist in the designing of your garments, the stylebook is also easily accessed from the main menu. Inside Stylebook, you can view more than six thousand styling options, from collar styles, to buttons and thread options. This new application will help you organize and expedite your work, and meet the needs of your customers more efficiently with the most cutting edge tools in one convenient location.
Operating System Android