DataLint for Windows 10

Leading global techniques let you easily create an enterprise application. With a unique full offline support technique, you have always access to your application, no matter if you are internet connected or not. With an automatic real-time synchronization technique, you can do your work on any kind of device. Besides this, you can share your applications with others for a parallel teamwork. The synchronization technique used by DataLint is performant and optimized, which means that there is no restriction on the number of users. With a simple and intuitive user interface provided by DataLint, everyone is able to modify the application structure by himself. Thereby you do not need knowledge of a database language like SQL, neither of any programming language. A complex structure modification of an application on DataLint can be realized within a few mouse clicks. Do not worry to do anything wrong. DataLint platform provides you a unique 'undo redo-mechanism' to revert any incorrect changes, including those changes on the application's structure.
Operating System Windows Windows Mobile Windows 10 Mobile
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (ARM, x86, x64)