3dCart DB SQL Client

3dCart DB SQL Client allows you to connect to your 3dCart database directly from your smartphone or tablet and can execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries against the database. You cannot edit values directly in the list views. However, you can execute INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements. With this app you can filter, sort, update and search all the tables in the 3dCart Shop database. Attention: You need a 3dCart store with SOAP API access and an API key to use this app. You cannot use the app by itself. It only serves as a client to a 3dCart database. Visit the following links for 3dCart Shop database information: Table List: https://drive. google.com/file/d/0B4LWoAow1QGLX3BuWUphSkNpTWc/viewTable Structure: https://drive. google.com/file/d/0B4LWoAow1QGLWmhtSjRVNjIwS00/viewNew Features: v2.0: Changed result display format, added ability to save SQL statements and added ability to export query results to XML.
Operating System Android