Panduit Connect-It is a companion app for Panduit's OptiCam 2 Fiber Termination Tool, providing rich data for each termination to simplify the project documentation process. It mirrors the on-tool readout for pass/fail and insertion loss, and adds valuable information that can be used in project management. Connect-It is used with the Panduit OptiCam 2 Fiber Termination Tool. Communication between the tool and the app is via BlueTooth Low Energy. If the tool is not present the user is only able to create project files in the app. Features of the app: Create project files to organize termination data, including customer name, location and user name. Records the calculated insertion loss value for each connector. Allows customization of connector labels that automatically increment. Connector and cable images mirror the connector type, fiber type, and left/right orientation for quick visual confirmation- App screen includes the same information as tool screen, allowing the user to use the phone screen in lieu of the tool screen if desired. Easily export termination records using your phone's native email app. Use termination records to calculate average termination time, optimize onsite time, improve bid estimations, document work for time and material billing. Enables highly granular cost and profitability analysis. Connects to the OptiCam 2 tool via Bluetooth.
Operating System Android