The graphical user interface of the Nervatura Framework. Its structure covers the needs of a usual company. Besides the business management tasks it can be used for setting other parameters of the system as well. Also, it includes a built-in report editor. It can handle any type of business related information, starting from customer details, up to shipping, stock or payment information. The client application currently supports the following management tasks: - DOCUMENT - offer, order, worksheet, rental, invoice, receipt. - PAYMENT - bank statement, petty cash. - STOCK CONTROL - delivery, stock transfer, correction, tool movement, production, formula. - RESOURCES - customer, product, employee, tool, project. - ADMIN - default settings, doc.numbering, access rights, menu shortcuts, database log. - DATABASE - additional data, groups, place, currency, tax, company. - REPORT EDITOR. - USER - program settings, change password. When Nervatura Touch is installed it can be used in two different modes: with local database or with remote database located on a server (latter one requires Nervatura Framework). This version is available with Local Database only (Network Mode is disabled). It is designed to provide the user with possibility to try out all essential program functionalities in practice. Also, enables connection to Nervatura Framework run on a localhost (Developer Mode).
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