Move-It simplifies the physical inventory processes for automotive recyclers. Integrated with Powerlink, the app provides three simple work flows: 1. Setting and managing an individual parts location. 2. Moving groups of parts from location to location. 3. Auditing inventory locations. The simple and intuitive app enables users to easily. Update inventory records in real time. Keep inventory locations and quantities accurate. Delete lost or damaged parts from inventory. Flag missing parts for follow up. Track who and why parts where moved. Further, Audible tones confirm actions and sound alerts. Barcode scanner speeds data entry and reduces errors. Works with a device's internal or external bar-code scanner. Requires: A phone or tablet running Android 3.0 or higher. Powerlink 2.8.6 or greater is required to use Move-It. Wireless or VPN connection to your Powerlink server.
Operating System Android