The Surveyor tablet app allows the user to use the tablet's internal GPS receiver or an external Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver with or without logging capability that uses th NMEA 0183 protocol to plot areas that are to be surveyed. The receiver's logged data may be imported from a memory card. File types include spreadsheet files (csv), NMEA text files (txt) and GPX files (gpx). The aeas could be properties, construction sites or wilderness regions. Basically anywhere a GPS signal can be detected. Once the user has entered a survey id, the survey may begin. Pictures and videos may be taken to further document the surveyed area. Pictures taken with a digital camera may be imported from a memory card. The pictures can then be assigned to specific points to be shown on the map. A Google map is displayed that shows the measured points with accuracy circles, information windows for each point and either driving, walking, bicycling or transit directions depending on whether point to point or route plotting was selected. A text file is created that contains information about the site. An e-mail may be sent to selected recipients. The e-mail could include any or all pictures and videos along with a zip file which could be used to reproduce the Google map on a browser. In addition a spreaadsheet file containing all of the measured data is included for further analysis. A screen is provided for the manual entry/maintainence of the collected points. In addition, pictures and videos may be uploaded to virtually any social media web site. This app was designed and tested in Android 3.0. The Bluetooth feature was resred with a Canmore GT-70 and Columbus V900 GPS receiver. The camera used was a Sony Cybershot.
Operating System Android