WhereDat - Enterprise Search

Connections let you find what you need inside your apps, faster. Quick actions enable you to complete tasks faster. Dropbox --> find your files, share or download- Box --> find your files- Gmail --> find your e-mails, forward and reply- Files --> find your files- Salesforce --> find and update your opportunities- Slack --> find messages and share with your team Secure by Design All your information stays on your device, keeping your data secure Cloud Ready Seamlessly search your content on the cloud and inside your appsStill in beta, all feedback is appreciated. Please e-mail joanna@wheredatapp with questions or suggestions. Credits- Thanks to the apps that inspired us: Alfred, Launchy, GNOME Do, Quicksilver, Synapse, Listary, LaunchBar, Apptivate, Fast Launcher, Found, spotlight, spotlight search, webosCommon misspellingswhere dat, where day.
Operating System Android