Cam Viewer for D-Link cameras

Remotely view and control your D-Link IP cameras. This app supports the followings models:Common PTZ 1Common PTZ 2DCS- 930,930LDCS-1000 SeriesDCS-1130 SeriesDCS-2000 SeriesDCS-2100 SeriesDCS-2102 SeriesDCS-2120 SeriesDCS-2121 SeriesDCS-301 SeriesDCS-3110DCS-3220 SeriesDCS-3410 SeriesDCS-3420 SeriesDCS-5220DCS-5220 SeriesDCS-5230 SeriesDCS-5300 SeriesDCS-5605DCS-5610DCS-6111DCS-6620 SeriesDCS-7410DCS-900/900WDCS-920 SeriesDCS-932/DCS-930DCS-942DCS-950GDVS-104This app is designed for D-Link cameras and includes the following features:- Guaranteed to work with all D-Link camera models listed above.- Free to try. Receive a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with our app.- Remotely view and control all D-Link IP camera models .- User-friendly interface. Fast loading .- Record videos and take snapshots from your IP cameras and share videos via email- Unlimited number of cameras. View up to 4 cameras on screen at a time .- Instantly capture camera's screen and send via email- Perfect for home security, pet-cam or workplaces.- Designed for both phones and tablets .- Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) (available on selected models)- Developed by 3rd party developers. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by D-Link Corp.This app does not support audio streaming. You can see video without audio.See video demo on YouTube .
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