Forever Free Features* No limit on number of Bills.* No limit on number of Items.* No limit on number of Parties.* No limit on number of Payments.* No limit on number of Sharing.* No limit on number of Prints.* No limit on number of SMS.PRO Features* Advertises will be removed during PRO version validity period.* You can send combined payment due or payment paid SMS.* You can enter combined payment amount of multiple Bills.* You can use EPSON TM-T82 series 3 inch thermal printer.* SMS content will be clearly visible in account history.Highlights- Get rid of paper bills (invoices).- Generate bills in your own language.- Replaces your Bill Book (hard copies).- Maintain all payments history in account ledger.- Creates history of your Bills which you can search.- Collects parties(customer or supplier) contact number.- Create Bills in a simple way.- Send beautiful Bills to parties.- Assign party from your contacts.- SMS due payment reminders to parties.- View reports in daily, monthly and party wise.- Search Bills by party name or contact number.
Operating System Android