ProofQuick is the best online proofing solution for advertisers, designers and professional photographers. To keep a control of the artist work flow and the approval management for my design solutions, all that I needed was a registration and adding all team members to the system. I was pleasantly surprised that a free trial version for 15 days was a fully functional with no limitations. What I also liked was the fact that the service was fully integrated with Windows and Mac, and the proofs were supported in common formats like PDF, GIF, PNG, JPG, and EPS. Awesome, but this is rather a user-friendly service, despite it's humble and unattractive visual appeal. Among other advantages you can also find: cost-effectiveness, no extra soft needed, no extra hardware needed, both browser and mobile versions supported, no extra knowledge, corporate services, simple design and fast speed, internet based instant communication, e-mail notifications, customizing of settings, infinite work flow history, full reports, mark-up tools, deadlines and notes, easy status check, easy to store and archive, abandoned account restore allowed. This is not a full list of pros which I've found beneficial, there are more pluses than minuses while using the prepaid subscription. This service allows immediate communication during the work flow without leaving the workbench for all participants of the process, whenever they have an I-net access. They work in real time regime. By the way, people added may easily switch their roles in work (e.g. from an Artist to Approver or add Observers without any rights to approve or reject) You can change your e-mail notifications settings according to your company's needs or write an individual e-mail template to send the customized messages and act on behalf of your company name, but not ProofQuick (default) anytime you want. Any employee of any advertising organization whether it's a large corporation or a small company will be able to manage and control any document directly in the workplace within few minutes. Multiple page load is allowed which saves your time with voluminous documents to process. Besides, you can pick a bulk of contacts to add instead of adding each new user into your account manually. Report section supports the function of import/export to any spreadsheet program which suits your needs the best.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Webware
System Requirements None