Offline Forms's mobile offline technology ensures that your field teams can access and execute your electronic forms wherever the job takes them. Before being dispatched to a job location, workers' devices are automatically updated with the appropriate job forms. Offline access to electronic forms and critical documents changes everything. It enables users in every type of business to capture their data without the worry that a lack of connectivity will cause them to lose their work or be unable to access their critical data entirely. A job may bring a field worker to an area where internet connectivity is limited or completely unavailable. Rather than spending time downloading a form at slow network speeds or relying on a paper version, the mobile app gives users access to the forms they need to get the job done. Since most form processes require workflow, the app also allows the user to continue working with a cached copy of the information. This cached information can be automatically sent later on when a connection is restored. Similar efficiencies can be built into work orders, daily field tickets and expense claims. In B2C enterprises, offline access has become a highly sought-after capability. The most critical consumer apps that require offline access are those related to travel and retail. In today's connected world, we are making more happen with our smartphones than ever before. Having continuous access to information and data, such as boarding passes and e-tickets, is far too critical to risk not having access due to poor coverage. The consumer business space needs information available in an instant without worrying about limited or no internet connectivity. Contact publisher to set up a demo and discuss pricing information.
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