The market for beauty salons, Spa, Spa and hairdressers is expanding but the strong competition and the advent of the Internet and the phenomenon of the coupons have reduced the profitability of these businesses. It 'must therefore equip themselves with tools that help optimize the management process and to facilitate decision-making processes that lead to continuous improvement of performance. To this end the QSCE software division has made NoiSPA: a completely FREE program that was created to facilitate the administration of your center allowing complete management of appointments, customers, suppliers, treatments, receipts. Want to know at all times, in a clear and precise, as are organized appointments of the day or week? Want to know at all times the treatments, promotions or subscriptions that have acquired a customer? If a client is reliable or unreliable? If the customer has to pay off a purchase? If your operator is up to your center and what it produces in terms of sales? At this point you are thinking: But to learn to use this type of programs it takes much time and time is money. OK! Our philosophy is therefore the simplicity of the video will explain step by step how the program works and what it can do. And 'The time of the manuals to be printed and difficult to study! NoiSPA is the answer to all your problems of management that will allow you to run an orderly and precise in your activities in other words a winning run. Download it and try it!
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 55.5 MB
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows Windows 7 Windows XP
System Requirements None