XANGO AMP allows you to design processes in advance that keep your contacts in motion whether they are prospects, customers or even business associates. By using XANGO AMP you can be perfect at follow-up, follow-through, and staying in touch.XANGO AMP is simple and can be up and running in minutes. It ties into pre-designed contact series events that organize, manage and execute emails, texts, and scripted phone calls designed to keep your prospects and customers moving. All youll have to do is to follow the reminders sent to your phone. XANGO AMP does everything else.Unlike other contact management systems, XANGO AMP is highly personalized. It adheres to very tight social rules for meaningful customer interactions, so you never have to worry about your community feeling like they are part of a list when they get something from you.Your contacts will feel like they are your priority as XANGO AMP manages the details to perfection. Texts come from YOUR phone. Emails come from YOUR email account. Unlike bulk texting and autoresponders that only go one direction, recipients can respond to the texts and emails you send them. Events become sequenced, referenced, and even build on each other.You will look like a followup fanatic, and your prospects and customers will love you.Recent changes:Xango AMP with new features and minor bug fixesContent rating: Low Maturity
File Size3.59 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.