This is the front end app for Silvertrac. A Software as a Service solution for Security/Parking Enforcement.The app collects/logs and stores the following information to a server at a co-location facility for further review and analysis:GPS Location - WE RECORD THIS INFORMATION AND UPLOAD IT TO A SERVER FOR THE PURPOSE OF TRACKING THE LOCATION OF WHERE THE DEVICE HAS BEEN.Device Phone Number (If Available)User Login Information - The user account info in Silvertrac. We do not track the Google play account holder.Photos Taken with our appAudio Recordings Taken with our appThe Device Serial Number - Used for counting the unique devices used in our system.The location data is recorded on the device when users create a new Issue and then logs it for review from your employer to verify your location. This data It tracks the location and activity of user using the application and reports it back to a central server.For verification and accountability for issues created and associates it with a user account created in (Your Prefix) web site. This information will be stored for a period of 7 years and will not be sold/published to the general public. None of the information we collect is published for the general public to view or is sold to anybody for any other type of tracking usage.For questions regarding this policy, please email or call 888-505-8722! Thank You, Silvertrac Software, Inc.
License Free
File Size 889.14 kB
Version 3.177
Operating System Android