Fantastic Write HD - Word Processor for RTF Document Formats

Fantastic Writer is where CREATIVITY meets BEAUTY. It is where PRODUCTIVITY meets POWER. We keep our goals simple: - To create a fine writing space that lays your words beautifully. - Writing must become effortless, intuitive and creative. - Easily create, preview, and publish professional styled documents. - Using the most standard (Html) and human friendly (Markdown) text formatting. Featrues: Write in plain or rich text formatting. Write and structure your document with section, heading, paragraph, blockquote, table, etc. Create multilevel lists with bullet, numbering and check mark. Text style: B/I/U, big/small, color, code (verbatim). Insert image from gallery, camera or external URL. Easily create and work with table. Create and manage links, local links and cross-reference. Find & Replace. View document outline and jump to any heading. Live words characters count. FOCUS. WRITE! Experience the best in its class. Noise free writing environment. Choose from 5 typefaces and 4 themes that best suit your working condition. Unlike any other word processor, your document will be displayed beautifully and great readability on any devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) with any orientation, text size and theme. INTUITIVE text input system & interface to make you write effortless and comfortly. Extra keyboard row & popup menu for quick access to writing feature, formatting features, extra symbols/characters, etc. Navigate and select text easily with dedicated navigation keys. Full external keyboard support to greatly enhance your productivity. Support common used shortcut such as cut, copy, paste, bold, italic, and more (Required iOS 6). PICK A TEMPLATE, WRITE, SHARE & PRINT. With Wisdom Writer, you can focus on the writing while we take care on the layout and design. Create and write professional document from predefined templates: Letter, Resume, Book and Formal Document. You can write using sections, header and footer fields. Render your document using predefined styles to make your document look professional and amazing. Preview and print your document. DASHBOARD, GESTURE, FILES & DOCUMENTS Pinch to Dashboard to switch easily betwen your working documents. Use gesture to quickly create new document and swipe to previous document. Find and search your document easily with Documents View. DRAFT folder let you start writing immediately any timer, faster, easily. Local &Dropbox file manager easily let you create, edit, rename, move and delete any document. Sync your files automatically. SAVED in Markdown & MultiMarkdown plain text format. Documents created in Fantastic Writer saved in plain text file with markdown & markdown formatting. Open your document on any device and platform using any standard text editor. Email your document as inline HTML text. You can now write and email rich text document. Open your document in other application. Export to beautiful PDF with built-in rendering style. Export to Microsoft Word compatible RTF. Export to Plain text Markdown/Multimarkdown format. Export to HTML file. AND MANY MORE...
Price USD 4.99
License Purchase
File Size 4.13 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPad. iTunes account required.