PerformanceRunner(PR for short) is a performance test software. Through simulating highly-concurrent client and through protocol and datagram, it generates concurrent press to the server and then tests the loading and bearing capacity of the whole system, thus realizing pressure test, performance test, configuration test, peak value test and so on. Functions are as follows: (a)record test script: Through protocol and port of monitoring application program, PR records protocol and datagram of application program and creates test script. PR applies java as standard test script. It supports parametrization and checkpoint. (b)association and session: To application program, especially session in B/S architecture program, it will be realized through association. Users only need to click the association button, and PR will automatically scan test script, set association, and realize test with session. (c)rendezvous: PR supports rendezvous and can set rendezvous through function. Setting rendezvous will enable concurrent pressures in one time point meet the expected index and make concurrent performance more reliable. (d)generate concurrent pressure: After creating the performance script, through creating project and setting pressure model, pressure can be generated. PR can generate up to 5000 concurrent pressures on one single machine. (e)application scenarios support(application scenario support): PR, through setting pressure curve of multiple-project script, can realize application scenarios test. (f)execute monitor: After the start-up of performance test, the system will generate pressure according to target scenarios. During the process of execution, the observation on the implement situation of scripts and performance index situation of the tested system are needed. PR will go through these information through executing monitor. (g)performance analysis report: Once a performance test execution is finished, various performance analysis reports will be established, including cpu, throughput,concurrent numbers and so on.
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