Hours Tracker: Time Tracker

Time tracking is simple and easy with HoursTracker, the Android version of the best time tracker on iOS. Keep track of your time and earnings at your hourly job, or track time as a contractor or freelancer. Use it like a punch clock; start a timer with only two quick taps. Or, record your time by entering your punch times manually. View your earnings (even overtime!) and pay periods in the app, or export your time card via e-mail in text or CSV format and work with it however you need to.Other time tracking apps are slow, complex, and clunky. HoursTracker is super responsive and features a modern and intuitive pure Android user interface with support for gestures such as swipe between tabs, and long-press actions.FEATURES Track your time while you use other apps (or even power off your phone!) without HoursTracker being active in the background. No extra drain on your battery. Add as many jobs as you need, theres no limit.* Track your time in real-time by clocking in/out while you work. Watch as time and earnings accumulate by the minute. Already working but forgot to clock in? No problem, use Start Clock At... and start counting time from when you started work. Be alerted when you've worked your expected daily hours. Just set the "time per day" for your jobs, then clock in/out like always. You'll also see a neat visual representation of how much work time is left in your day. Even takes time rounding into account! Enter time manually -- just choose a start date/time and an end date/time or just a duration. Add comments, change the hourly rate for that entry to account for pay differentials, easily subtract breaks, and apply pre-defined tags to help categorize your entries.* View your time and earnings by day, or by calendar week or month on the Entries tab. Choose between weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay period styles for each job and view your time by pay period on the Pay Periods tab. Enter an estimated tax percentage and per-pay period deductions and HoursTracker will even display net earnings estimates. Assign a pay rate and HoursTracker will calculate your earnings, even taking overtime into account. Track your daily and weekly overtime earnings with two rates for each. If you get paid time and a half over 8 hours and double-time over 12 hours or by the week (or both!), HoursTracker has you covered. Clock in to any number of jobs at a time, or set it up to have only one timer running at a time automatically. Just clock in to another job and the current one automatically clocks out. Flexible rounding options automatically round your time worked and can be configured per-job. If you round up to 1/10th of an hour, or just want to match your time clock's 15 minute rounding, HoursTracker can do it automatically. Export time sheet data via e-mail in text or CSV formats in the message body or attachment. Export all jobs, or any selection of jobs, for all-time or between any two dates. Combine all entries into one daily summary, or export each one including the clock in / out times. Full edit and delete of jobs and hours worked. Easily copy a job if a new job will have similar settings. Date formats and currency symbols respect your devices international settings.* Free version is limited to three jobs and three weeks of time entries at a time. Give HoursTracker a try, and if you're happy with it, easily upgrade to unlimited jobs and time entries with an In-App purchase.HoursTracker has been the top time tracking app on iOS for over three years and we've re-imagined it for Android. We're just getting started on Android and have a lot of cool plans for the future. If you love Hours Tracker please consider writing a review. Join us at facebook.com/HoursTracker. For support e-mail AndroidSupport@gmail.com. Please write to us instead of submitting bugs or questions in a review.Content rating: Everyone
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 8.34 MB
Version 1.5
Operating System Android, Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System Requirements Compatible with 2.3.3 and above.