My Expense Tracker Diary HD with GPS

You find it is a real hassle to record your expenses on paper or with other apps? And tax time might be approaching? Well, My Expense Tracker Diary HD with GPS is for you. You never have to spend beyond your means again. This is the easiest way to track your daily expenses, like coffee, bills, gas etc, and it fits nicely in your hand. App is loaded with features so you can keep an eye on your expenses, especially in the current economic climate. This app was built in consultation with actual clients who told us exactly what they needed: an easy and effective way to track expenses in less than 10 seconds. We've even added GPS awareness so the app can automatically save the address/location where you were when you create each expense entry.Your expenses can be private and personal so of course we added password protection so only you can see your expenses. Just go to the Settings page and select Passcode Lock to set your password. On the main screen, push the + button to add a new expense and start typing away. The app will automatically save the date and time for you, together with your location if you've said yes to allowing the app to track your location during startup. Of course if you prefer you can type in your own preferred location details like Home, Work, Restaurant, 2200 Rodeo Lane etc. When you start the app you are presented with a list of your expense entries, ordered by date and by month. To view an expense entry, just touch it! It's that easy. When viewing an expense you can always touch the Edit button to easily make changes to your entry. You can even change the date and time of an existing entry. And if you want to send your expenses by email to your accountant, simply push the Email icon on the main screen, and choose the date range. You can narrow down the selection by simply tapping the specific expenses you want to send, from the list generated. The app will create the email for you including CSV file attachment for easy importing to spreadsheets, all you do is choose who to send your expense entries to. If you want to search for one or more specific entries, just tap the search button on the top left corner of the main screen. Type in the keyword to search on, and the app will kick off a full-text search on your expense entries and the full address/location details (including city, state, country and notes). FEATURES INCLUDE: * Create multiple expenses per day. * Take photos of your receipts or purchased items using the app and save them together with the expense (or select photos from the photo libraries on your phone). * Add your frequent expenses as Favorites and use them to create new expenses just by one single tapping. * Manage details about each expense, e.g., category, payment type and useful notes. * Quick month/calendar view shows details of all your expenses and displays summary totals for easy budgeting. * Supports multiple categories: Automobile, Business, Childcare, Health/Fitness, Household, Insurance, Rent/Mortgage, Tax, Utilities and many more. * Filter, select and export expense data and CSV file into email body (you can email report directly to your accountant). * Supports multiple currencies. * Full-text search. * Edit expenses anytime. * Add notes to each expense's log. * GPS integration to identify and determine your location when creating each expense entry. * Save your commonly used locations/addresses, cities, states and countries and reuse them again for new expense entries, no need to type them each time. * Passcode protection. * Delete by swiping on an entry, or tap the Edit icon. * Supports the new iPhone 5 (4 inch display). Download and start to use My Expense Tracker Diary HD with GPS now to get your finances back on track and manage your expenses much easier. Contact us via the Support link if you have any issues, rather than leave negative reviews. Our team will aim to help you better use the app and assist with any issues.
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
File Size 9.67 MB
Version 1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.