AndrOpen Office is Apache OpenOffice port for Android.You can view office documents and export them to PDF or other file formats using full features of Apache OpenOffice.AndrOpen Office has 4 components:- Writer Viewer (a word processor)- Calc Viewer (spreadsheet)- Impress Viewer (presentation graphics)- Draw Viewer (drawing)Apache OpenOffice is very large office software suite, but AndrOpen Office is limited to document viewer and PDF (and other file formats) converter now.Supported File Formats:------------------You can import and export following formats;- Microsoft Word (DOC / DOT / RTF)- Microsoft Excel (XLS / XLT)- Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT / POT)- OpenDocument (ODT / ODS / ODP / ODG)- Text (TXT / CSV)- Adobe Photoshop (PSD)- Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)- Windows Metafile (EMF / WMF)- Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)- Data Interchange Format (DIF)- SYLK (SLK)- Portable Anymap Format (PBM / PGM / PPM)- OS/2 Metafile (MET)- Sun Raster Image (RAS)- Mac Pict (PCT)- X PixMap (XPM)- StarView Metafile (SVM)You can import following formats;- Microsoft Word 2007 (DOCX / DOTX)- Microsoft Excel 2007 (XLSX / XLTX)- Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (PPTX / POTX)- AutoCAD (DXF)- T602 Document (602)- Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM)- Truevision Targa (TGA)- X Bitmap (XBM)- Zsoft Paintbrush (PCX)- Kodak Photo CD (PCD)You can export following formats;- Portable Document Format (PDF)- HyperText Markup Language (HTML)- PlaceWare (PWP)- Macromedia Flash (SWF)- JPG / GIF / PNG / BMPFeatures:---------- Support for embedded object- Page settings ( Page size, Orientation, Scale )- Export documents to PDF- Save documents to other file formatsPDF Exporting Options:-------------------------You can export documents to PDF using full options of Apache OpenOffice;- General options ( Range, Image, Watermark, etc. )- Initial view options ( Panes, Magnification, Page layout )- User interface options ( Window, User interface, Transitions, Bookmarks )- Links options- Security options ( Encrypt, Restrict, Printing, Changes, etc. )Limitations:------------- Password- Macro- Digital signature- Math / Base file format ( ODF / ODB )- Some bugs... (SORRY!)Future Plans:-------------- Support for password- Support for digital signature- Localization- Performance tuning- Edit filesAbout Apache OpenOffice:------------------------Apache OpenOffice is world wide open source office software suite.It is comprised of six personal productivity applications:- Writer (a word processor)- Calc (spreadsheet)- Impress (presentation graphics)- Draw (drawing)- Math (equation editor)- Base (database)(http://openoffice.apache.org/)Special Thanks:---------------This product includes many open source codes (not GPL).Thanks to Open Source!!!Recent changes:version 0.9.2New Features:- Save as other formats- Support for HTML (export only)- Support for T602 (import only)- Support for DIF / SLK- Support for MET / PBM / PGM / RAS / PPM / PCT / XPM / SVM- Support for CGM / TGA / XBM / PCX / PCD (import only)- Support for JPG / GIF / PNG / PWP / SWF (export only)And some bug fixes.Content rating: Everyone
File Size49.82 MB
Operating System Android Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.