Insights is 64-bit parallel data mining software that takes conventional data mining to a new level of sophistication and applicability. Users in nearly any field can employ the easy-to-use software to analyze noisy data sets and build powerful models, which can be used to help to gain new insights into complex phenomena, predict future behavior, simulate "what-if" questions, and identify methods of control processes. Taking observational data that describes a problem, system, or process, the software constructs a working mathematical model.compatible with data stored in a variety of popular formats (e. g. , Microsoft Excel), its AI-powered, self-organizing, modeling algorithms allow users to easily extract new and useful knowledge to support decision-making. Whether applied to sales prediction, resource planning, engineering problems, climate change, health or life sciences related questions, or mining collections of data from government agencies, Insights opens up a wealth of new possibilities to individuals, small business owners, and scientists that were previously available only to large entities that could afford expensive data mining applications. Insights comes with documentation, extra literature, sample data and models such as: world Oil Price prediction and simulation till 2025, monthly Global Temperature, Ozone, concentration, or Sun activity predictions till 2017, reproductive Toxicity prediction of chemicals, housing value or computer system activity prediction, to help you getting started with your data.
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