iBonus Display - Gift Kiosk

iBonus is chosen by of U.S. Army and Joyalukkas Jewelry.iBonus is a payment & loyalty system for business owners. iBonus Server and Terminal form the body. iBonus Display, a Self-service Reward Redemption kiosk, is an embellishment to the piece. Retailers manage reward schemes and categorize gifts on iBonus Display for automated redemptions. In addition to managing loyalty schemes, it creates a new channel to broadcast advertisements to potential customers.About iBonus iBonus Payment and Loyalty System was started in 2001. Instead of using magnetic stripe card, a Novelty became the choice for loyalty and gift cards. Merchants have been using magnetic stripes for decades. They are low in cost and suitable for mass distribution. However, this architecture relies on a real time network and server to operate. Unrestricted card data access causes serious fraud problem too. Recent contactless smart card technology was chosen for iBonus. Prepaid and point balances are encrypted and protected on cards memory. Authorize, cipher and update; regardless of network status, a transaction completes in 0.5 seconds when a card is waved over. A distinct system design was adapted to suit this offline transaction characteristic. iBonus presents a simple and easy set up solution. Sophisticated transaction processing, primitive smart card communication and comprehensive card management are encapsulated. A ready-to-go loyalty system is right out of the box. Launching a contactless smart card payment & loyalty system is as easy as turn on a terminal. Just power up iBonus and start your loyalty program today!Demo Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O_93Nowha4Requirements:Each iBonus Display for iPad needs an iBonus Reader Terminal that places alongside and locates within the same network. It handles smart card access, prints receipts and dispatches transaction records to server. iBonus Reader Terminal can be ordered from Lucky Technology Limited separately (http://www.ibonus.net). Receipt printer is not included in iBonus Reader Terminal package. EPSON, Star ESCPOS compatible parallel port receipt printers is supported.iBonus Display on iPad User manual is available here. http://www.ibonus.net/Downloads/iBonusDisplay/iPad/iBonusDisplayManual-1.0.pdfA demo pack containing pictures of food and a database is ready to load on iPad. Unzip JPGs and the database and place them under iBonus Display App's sharing folder in iTunes.http://www.ibonus.net/Downloads/iBonusDisplay/iPad/DemoPack.zip
File Size1.74 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPad. iTunes account required.