The World Clock Free

Digital world clock application.There are three types of widgets, you can display any time zone.[4x1(Dual)] widgets are displayed simultaneously in any time zone and local time.Features:* Support for daylight saving time.* Time Zone Converter.* Multiple clocks support.* Displays the second.* Show time difference between local time.* 4x1, 2x1 size widgetThere is also a paid version without ads.And making other apps -> -> ->!/In_TrinityFacebook -> changes:v2.1.0- Added the ability to change any of the city namev2.0.6- Layout Adjustmentv2.0.5- Adjust the wordingv2.0.4- Change the Iconv2.0.3- Change the 0 to 12 12-hour, The paid version adds a noticev2.0.2- Fixed: Crashv2.0.1- Fixed: Crashv2.0.0- Add a widget type (After the update, since an earlier version of the widget is disabled, please re-set.)v1.1.1- Fixed layout of the time zone selectionv1.1.0- Change the ad sitesv1.0.6- Suppress log outputv1.0.5- Fixed: CrashContent rating: Everyone
File Size286.81 kB
Operating System Android 2.2 Android
System RequirementsCompatible with Android 2.2 and above.