PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea 2011

1. INTORODUCTION was created to showcase to the world that Dokdo has been and will forever be Korean territory. 2. PROGRAM FEATURES 1) Outstanding performance and ease of use (a) Complete compatibility with Adobe reader The PDF documents created from PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea 2011 can be opened in any Adobe Acrobat reader, version 3.0. or higher (b) Embedded font A PDF document created from PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea 2011 contains embedded fonts within the document. When a user distributes a PDF file, it's not necessary to distribute fonts with it. These PDF documents support double byte languages such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese and other languages like Cyrillic alphabet. (c) 128 bit encryption and other restrictions PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea 2011 protects confidential documents using a secure 128 bit encryption algorithm. It makes encrypting easy by supporting batch encryption processes and also supports control over printing, editing or copying 2) Powerful PDF creation (a) PDF Creation from all types of Windows applications All types of Windows applications from MS Office documents to engineering drawings like AutoCAD can be converted to PDF files. (b) Batch Conversion User can convert multiple files into PDF simultaneously in batch mode. (c) Guaranteed high quality output Most PDF conversion software use what is known as "GDI driver method" but PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea 2011 uses a proven PostScript to PDF conversion method. Compared to GDI, the PostScript method produces a visually detailed output as well as supporting CMYK, transparencies and PostScript fonts. 3) Multiple Functions (a) PDF document annotation User can use various annotation functions such as underline, highlight, insert note and draw inside a PDF document using PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea 2011. (b) Watermark User can insert a watermark into the background of a PDF output file. Watermarking supports multiple languages including Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese (both traditional and simplified). (c) Concurrently set quality, encryption and watermark When converting a document to PDF, users can select PDF quality, encryption and watermarking preferences from the same interface window, thereby saving time. (d) Merge/Split PDF document User can merge multiple PDF documents into one PDF document or split one PDF document with multiple pages into multiple PDF documents.
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License Free
File Size 30.41 MB
Version 4.5
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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