Forex Market Study

4X EagleEye is Foreign Exchange, a.k.a FOREX, market trading tool designed to cover daily trader's needs. 4X EagleEye is trader's sharp eye on the FOREX market short term technical outlook, which also alerts users with any changes on current market outlook. This trading advisor tool has HTML reports divided into five sections, each of which plays a key role in keeping the daily trader informed up to the minute with current market conditions. I want to highlight one important point before we start. It is not possible to measure the trading success of 4XEagleEye due to the fact that it does not state when to open and close trades. 4XEagleEye is not a trading system, but rather an ideas or opportunities identifier. The proof of the value of 4XEagleEye lies in what you see. It allows you see exactly what you get. It is not hidden inside a "black box" that just gives signals.1. Short Term Market Outlook Short term market outlook is a briefed report designed with a simple goal in mind, which is keeping the traders updated with the expected market directions for the present day.2. Important Price Levels. Important price levels (Support and Resistance) are displayed in a minimized table that includes the nearest important five price levels above and below present day open. Traders should keep a close eye on how pairs would behave upon trading at these levels.3. Currency Daily Profile. Currency daily profile is designed to give the short term trader a grasp on longer time frame technical outlook. So they can always keep an eye on the bigger picture while they are trading the shorter term. It consists of five most commonly used technical indicators, three simple moving average (50, 100, 200 Days), One oscillator we are using Stochastic, and ten days average true range.4. Market Snapshot. This section would help traders to visualize current market price different behaviors while trading at important support or resistance levels. Market snapshot is updated on hourly basis.5. Hourly Alerts. This section is an alert system designed to attract the attention of trader's to the changes on current market conditions. So they act as if you have experienced technical analyst sitting beside you trough the day helping you in your trading decisions.
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