Judge Robert Restaino jailed 46 people when a mobile phone rang in his courtroom and no one admitted responsibility. So we invented Locale!Locale's advanced artificial intelligence manages settings automatically. For example: arrive at work and instantly your ringer silences, your wallpaper snaps to that scenic Caribbean photo, and Wi-Fi switches on. With Locale, never worry about your ringer going off accidentally again. Once you experience Locale's power and convenience, you'll never want to be without it. Set it and forget it!LOCATIONLocale leverages groundbreaking artificial intelligence algorithms to combine accelerometer, cell, Wi-Fi, GPS, and other signals for instant location detection.Configuring is simpleit just works! To create a location, drag and drop the pin on the map, resize the radius using your finger, and Locale does the rest. The best part? No huge battery drains because Locale typically uses 3% or less of the battery. During our extensive testing across twenty popular Android devices, we found the battery lasts several days with Locale running.PLUG-INSLocale manages more than your ringer. Along with built-in conditions (Battery, Contact, Location, Orientation, Time) and built-in settings (Bluetooth, Ringtone, Screen Brightness, Screen Timeout, Volume, Wallpaper, Wi-Fi), Locale expands with an advanced plug-in architecture. Over 250 Locale plug-ins exist on the Android Market.Imagine increasing your productivity by combining Locale with Astridan amazing task and todo management appfor location-aware reminders. Learn more at: http://blog.244.am/astridSUPPORTWith Locale, you get what you pay for: Locale is fast, accurate, reliable, secure, and battle tested. We stand behind our app 100%. We provide incredible ongoing support and respond to all inquiries right away. Have a question? Just ask! Email us at up@244.amLooking for troubleshooting information and tips about how to use Locale? Visit our website: http://www.244.am/support.htmlLocale is tested and fully compatible with all of the latest Android devices, including the Droid Bionic and Galaxy S II.BUZZ"I'm really taken with Locale. [...] The idea that I have an intelligent phone that configures itself depending on where I am is very powerful." - Fred Wilson, principal of Union Square Ventures"Locale has a lot going for it. It's easy to use, but has some advanced functionality under the hood. We have found the battery usage to be absolutely amazing. [...] We feel the level of polish and overall quality are more than commensurate with the asking price." - Ryan Whitwam, Tested.com"Super-useful" - Lifehacker.comOne of the top 10 apps that best use location. - Wired MagazineOne of the top 10 apps for your Droid. - PCWorld MagazineRecent changes:2.0:- Instant location detects arrival immediately- 5x better location accuracy- 10x longer battery life- Blazing fast performance- Google Places integration: Autocomplete when searching for location by address- Honeycomb support- 100+ new features and improvements2.0.4:- Improved compatibility and bug fixesFull release notes: http://blog.244.am/notesContent rating: Low Maturity
Price USD3.99
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File Size 993.39 kB
Version 2.0.4
Operating System Android Android 2.2
System Requirements Compatible with Android 2.2 and above.