Club Raffle is a unique random number generator providing clubs, pubs, bars, schools, member based organizations and everyone who runs a raffle a fun, professional and easy way to invigorate fundraising. Using Club Raffle will save time and reduce problematic manual raffle draws. It's unbiased random generator will select numbers or names from your specifications and display them in a fun and exciting format for your members. Raffles, Reverse Raffle (Last Man Standing) & Members Draws - multiple formats are available for your lucky number or name draws, all customizable to your needs. Specify your ticket numbers, reverse the order winners are drawn, automate the entire draw so no user intervention is required. It's all possible with the Club Raffle software package. Club Raffle is available as a Free version and a Professional version, in either version you have complete control over the setup of each type of draw, that is to say the free version is not crippleware, it is completely functional. When I created this application I was unable to find a suitable program on the web and those that I did find were basically "crippleware" ... The only limitation in the FREE version is limited themes, advertising and a few advanced features. In the Professional version the application provides the opportunity to promote your sponsors with banners and images that remain on screen before and after a raffle draw in addition to all available animation themes. Club Raffle is unique in that you choose the animation that is used to draw your lucky numbers or names. The ability to use and change animations means your Raffle has that added excitement missing from most raffle draws. Currently theme's include Rainbow, Halloween, Golf, Baseball, Lawn Bowls, Aussie Rules, Jazz and Sci-Fi. New to Club Raffle V3 is the ability to also create your own themes or modify existing themes to better suit your needs. Multiple prize lists, each with up to 1000 prizes, up to 5000 names or ticket numbers in a reverse raffle and up to 1,000,000 tickets in a Raffle draw using up to 100 ticket sequences with optional color and prefix. It's all customizable with the Club Raffle software package.
File Size130.7 MB
Operating System Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows
System RequirementsMicrosoft .NET 4.6