As purpose... This creation, management, deskside, analysis and checking data, simplification of the complex processes, outside of dependencies from that what this data and processes, be this bankrolls, material value, human facility, production or commercial process. Automatically appears the question of the remote work with data, accompaniments these data, work with data by client, exchange data? All this is provided and incorporated as a part system. As it was got reach the delivered purposes... You ask, as it was got unite such absolutely different functional? Use the most progressive and unique technology has brought about creation Software new generation, which unites and simplifies the complex processes and work with data. As used programming language was chose PHP ("Pre Hypertext Processor" - "preliminary processor of the hypertext") with accompaniment of the visual subsystem and subsystems of the work with database Integrator. Why exactly he? 1. To connect three not compatible poetries creation script, development of exhibits and web site. 2. This simple in study, but very powerful language. 3. He works without malfunction. 4. Multi platform, has brushed against in next. Also, was designed very simple in study, but also powerful visual subsystem. To example for creation of exhibit or violin with standard interface Windows necessary whole 7 functions. However from this he does not yield the language high level and programmer will be able to create very hard exhibit, including such problems such as own draw element. But subsystem of the work with database Integrator provides practically automated entering-conclusion information. For who is intended system Integrator... Once upon a time I have asked, but for who is created by Integrator? The Answer forgive for you. Unique product consists in that that you will always be able to use the most leading technologies in its work. Software will approach as for private citizen, small and average organization for which creation through complex information systems labour-consuming and expensive process, and majority of the events not necessary. So and for large organization for which making the powerful information system is base in work. Thereby you will be able to create for literally 30 minutes small, but powerful information system allowing automates data processing. So and very hard system with broad possibility data processing and their safety.
Price USD 50
License Free to try
File Size 6.23 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows
System Requirements None