Machinist METRIC Journeyman

Metric Number Input, Metric Number Output is what this app is all about. Featured in the March Edition of "Modern Machine Shop", this app is surfacing quickly as the obvious choice for assisting in dozens of everyday Machine Shop calculations.The "Machinist METRIC Journeyman" a "HARD METRIC" version of the Machinist Journeyman" which is the Advanced version of the previously released "Machinist APPrentice 2010". 2 of the Leading Trade Publications, "Modern Machine Shop" and "Today's Machining World", have featured these apps on their websites. See what they have to say about the apps at these links. to see a video of what this app can do for you. Striving for a User-Friendly Experience, the Journeyman brings you the desired calculations for Chip Thinning Milling Calculations, Circular Interpolation Feed Adjustments, Tapping Feeds, Trig Functions, Metric & Inch Conversions, Tap Drill Sizes and much more. The "Machinist METRIC Journeyman" includes calculations for:MILLING SECTION MMPM FEEDS:*RPM & MMPM*SMPM & MMPT*Radial Chip Thinning*Ballnose Chip Thinning*45 Degree Lead Angle Chip Thinning*Tap Speed & FeedMILLING SECTION MMPR FEEDS:*RPM & MMPR*SMPM & MMPT*Radial Chip Thinning*Ballnose Chip Thinning*45 Degree Lead Angle Chip Thinning*Tap Speed & FeedMILLING MISC:*RPM*SMPM*Circular Interpolation Feed Adjustments*Drill Point LengthTURNING SECTION:*RPM*SMPM*Helix Angle and Proper Anvil Selection for Laydown Threading Systems *Thread Reference Point*Drill Point*Length to Diameter Ratio*Smallest Effective Dia for desired SMPM based upon Max RPM*G97 to G96 Constant SMPM CalculationsMATH:*Right Triangle Trig Section*Mean Dimension for Unbalanced TolerancingCONVERSION SECTION:*IN / MM*HP / KW*LB/ KG*Temperature*Torque*Square Across Corners*Hex Across Corners*Length to Diameter Ratio*MM Pitch to Threads per InchESTIMATING CALCULATIONS:*Qty. of Inserts*Per Part Tool Cost*Lathe Cut Time*Mill Cut Time*Manual Mill Feeds*Production Hours Needed for Job*MM of Material NeededSALESMAN CALCULATIONS:*Profit Margin*Sell / Cost / Profit*Off List DiscountREFERENCES:*Tap Drill Sizes for: * Cut Tap Inch * Cut Tap Metric *Form Tap Inch *Form Tap Metric Allows you to calculate Special Thread Specifications, not choosing ONLY from a pre-determined list *GD&T Symbol Chart*Rockwell C to Brinell Hardness INFORMATION:*Highlighting articles that the Developer has had published which explains certain machining processes. Future updates will include Video Training Sessions.Focusing on a User-Friendly Layout, the Journeyman will continue to grow as more areas are developed and will be released as FREE Updates. You will love how the "Metric Journeyman" gives you the answers to many of the issues you deal with throughout the shop every day. Besides just producing the numbers you desire, the Metric Journeyman illustrates certain theories while trying to educate users not familiar with these concepts. This training concept will be continued as the app grows.Visit to see more.
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Version 1.1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later., iTunes account required