Did you ever asked yourself in a meeting: "What the h*** I'm doing here? What are we doing here? We could have solved the problem three times. Will this guy ever stop talking? How much does this cost?"At least the last question can be answered by "Meeting", a meeting timer.Start Meeting on your iPhone. Fill in the number of persons and the average hourly rate. Tap "Start":The big display shows the elapsed time and money. Every change on number of persons or average hourly rate will be calculated. To switch the big display just tap on it.To go one step further, you'll find the ressource bar on the bottom, labeled 0 to 7. With the selection of a number you can assign the measured time/money to a ressource.The easiest way is to assign a number to every speaker. At the end of the meeting you can see exactly how much time/money was spent by every speaker. It's a good idea to reserve the 0 for waiting time.Another enlightening idea is to use the ressource bar to distinguish the usefull from the senseless contributions.At the info page you'll find a log of every change you made, which you can edit. In case you have to write the minutes you can use this as memorization.Every data is saved until you use the reset button. Once you started the timer, you can leave the application. Start the application again at the end of the meeting to stop the timer and read time and cash used.Version 1.0 The user interface and features of V1.0 are intentional kept simple to use it alongside in a meeting. Send suggestions for an update.Have fun in all your meetings.
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Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later., iTunes account required