Daily Tasks (To Dos)

A simple To Do list application that allows you to create task lists by day and optionally add tasks to your device's calendar. You can repeat tasks, categorize them, add custom colors (including fonts and font size), search for them and even drag n drop tasks. NOTE:The latest version addresses the bugs referenced in the last few reviews.NEW Calendar IntegrationCollect all your tasks for day without worrying about time and then schedule them in your device's calendar. PC Today review - http://bit.ly/69Ebdn (google "pctoday daily tasks")DAILY VIEWGives you a clear picture of the tasks scheduled for a specific day. If the date is 'Today', it also auto carries forward incomplete tasks from the previous days. From past or future, to come back to 'Today', tap the part that shows the date.WEEKLY VIEWGives you a picture of the complete full week from Sunday to Saturday. While navigating, you can reach the current week easily by tapping the part that shows the weeks date range. CALENDAR INTEGRATIONYou can now add tasks to the device's calendar. Once you have 'saved' a task, you should see a small 'Calendar' icon in the task Edit screen to add to the Calendar.MONTHLY / CALENDAR VIEWDisplays the full month and number of open tasks per day. Tapping a day takes you into the full view of that day. If you are in a future or past date and want to come back to the current month, simply tap the month title (e.g. June 2009).SEARCHFull-text search through the task title and notes.REPEATING (RECURRING) TASKSWhen creating a new task, it can be marked as a repeating task. Once created, each instance of the repeated task can be independently edited allowing you to customize the series. You also have the option to delete the individual task or the full repeating series. A repeating count can be set to repeat the task a fixed number of times. Options - Daily, Every 2 days, Weekly, Monthly, Every 2,3,4,6 months, Yearly.COLOR AND FONT OPTIONSCreate your unique combination of color and fonts by selecting from 9 colors and 11 fonts. To select color and fonts, start the standard "Settings" app on your device and look for "Daily Tasks".DRAG N DROPYou can move the tasks around by simple drag n drop. Tasks can be dragged from 'Past Due' to 'Today' or from one day to another in the 'Weekly' view. To enable drag n drop click on the 'Pencil' icon in the top bar of the supported views and then move the tasks around by holding and moving the 'lines icon' that shows up next to each task.NOTESAdd notes and description to each task.QUICK TASKTasks can be created by entering just one field. The first line corresponds to the task title and the following as task description & notes.CATEGORIES Tasks can be organized into categories and the various views including Search filtered by a category. To filter, click on the 'Categories' icon in the top left corner of the bar. FLAT LISTSInstead of a day view, you can view tasks as a flat list, which can be further filtered by a 'Category'.BADGEThe total number of open tasks till 'Today' are shown on the iPhone/iPod Touch home screen on the Daily Tasks icon. EMAIL / MAPS / INTERNET SEARCH You can email a task to someone or search the task in the Maps application or Google. To do this, click on the 'Pencil' icon next to a task in the day view and then click on 'Email', 'Maps', or 'Search' button. Task notes are used to search and open in Maps. If no notes exist, the task text is used. When emailing, the task text becomes the subject and notes the email body. E.g. - you could use this to collect all your thoughts / notes for an email task and then finally email it.FLEXIBLE Use it for simple lists or sophisticated task categorization. Its various views and the repeating tasks feature can be combined to create customized routines (e.g. recipe calendar, weekly exercises, birthdays, mortgage/rent payments,...). An alternate use is for a daily log / diary.
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
File Size 842.98 kB
Version 1.13.4
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required