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ACRONYM CREATOR HELPS YOU REMEMBER IMPORTANT INFORMATION. When you think about it, you probably use acronyms a lot. They are common in business and educational situations because they help us remember important information. Creating an acronym is easy, but creating a good acronym can be difficult and time consuming. 'Good' acronyms are easily remembered. When acronyms are real words or like real words they are more likely to be remembered. That's where Acronym Creator fits in. It creates acronyms that are either real words or like real words. The choice is yours. Let's look at some examples of using Acronym Creator to get results: - Create acronyms to use as names for teams, projects and initiatives - Create acronyms to remember business strategies and principles - Be better prepared for exams by creating acronyms to recall important facts and essay outlines CREATE NAMES FOR TEAMS, PROJECTS AND INITIATIVES. At the end of a workshop theres usually important information that needs to be remembered by the participants or communicated to a wider group of stakeholders. For example, name options for a new project or initiative. With Acronym Creator right at your fingertips, you can do this simply and quickly before you even leave the workshop. REMEMBER BUSINESS PROCESSES AND PRINCIPLES. Remembering business processes, strategies, principles, sales approaches etc can be much easier with acronyms. Acronym Creator takes the work out of creating memorable acronyms for such important information. BE BETTER PREPARED FOR EXAMS. Use Acronym Creator to create acronyms for sets of words or phrases that you need to remember for exams. Acronyms also work well for remembering an outline or structure of an essay that you plan in advance and write in an exam. _________________________________ FEATURES: - Create acronyms from sets or sequences of words / phrases (input up to seven words at a time) - Create acronyms that are like real words. Acronym Creator creates, analyses and displays acronyms that have letter arrangements like real words. - Create acronyms that are real words. A built-in dictionary with more than 27,000 words and 61,000 definitions is used to create 'real word' acronyms. - View definitions of the real words - Option for the real word acronyms to include people and place names - Add, delete, move favourite acronyms - Sort (A-Z) favourite acronyms - Send favourite acronyms via email (HTML formatted text and CSV file) _________________________________ VISIT TONIC APPS: FOLLOW TONIC APPS ON TWITTER: @tonicapps
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