Codemachine SaveIT

The SaveIT! Application will generally run silently in your system tray ... Clicking on the Icon will open the application to allow control of the power scheduling of your PC. In the figure above, the PC will switch itself on during the red periods and off during the black periods. You can have as many on/off periods as you like. Use a left click drag on the time bars to create an "off" period and additionally hold down the Ctrl Key to create an "On" period. The PC can be made to hibernate or standby, either way the PC will wake up in the same state as you left it. You will be warned of an impending shut-down which can be cancelled. The PC can be woken up before the scheduled "On" period by touching the keyboard wake button or the power button on the PC case. Pre-configured options can be loaded and changes saved. In a Corporate environment you may wish all PCs to use the same central configuration file, which may be web based. The "Delayed Off" button gives a quick way to switch off the PC after a delay, for example you could start off a big download or DVD burning and walk away, knowing the PC will switch itself off after say, an hour. The "Power Options" button is a convenient link to the Windows Control Panel Power Options.
Price USD 10
License Free to try
File Size 744.75 kB
Version 1.13
Operating System Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None