Global Risks Fact File

Maplecroft's Global Risks Fact File is designed to help BlackBerry users navigate global risks for over 200 countries. The application, created for the business, political and NGO communities, also provides comprehensive information for anyone interested in the wider world. Data on climate change, education, health, geography, religion, economy, population, land area and languages, plus maps, are available for nearly every nation on earth. The unique feature of the Global Risks Fact File is its ability to deliver global risks data on issues that have a direct impact on the operations and supply chains of multi-national organisations and governments. Statistics on conflict, natural disasters, food security, CO2 emissions, debt, HIV/AIDS, avian influenza and malaria are just some of the areas covered. Business leaders, academics, diplomats, risk managers, world travelers and relief workers, who want fingertip intelligence on the countries they are visiting, will find the Global Risks Fact File an invaluable source of information. All data is stored offline, on the BlackBerry, to ensure fast performance and accessibility in remote regions with poor network coverage. Global Risks Fact File aggregates key data and analysis that draws on expert sources, including Maplecroft's Global Risk Portfolio, the UN, the WHO, World Bank development indicators, FAO, US State Department and the World Fact Book.
File Size3.17 MB
Operating System Mobile BlackBerry BlackBerry OS 4.x
System Requirements5MB memory, OS 4.6 and above.