Advanced Blocker for S60

With Advanced Blocker (AB) you can choose which wall to close for which contact or group of contacts, and welcome only communication you care about. Don't become vulnerable to spam because of your phone, get in charge of your fortress! It's not complicated with AB: Import the contacts you wish to block from your phonebook, phone log or manually. Hidden callers can also be blocked! Alternatively, use a group filter. Group filters allow you to apply the same blocking rule to all of your phonebook contacts, to all non-phonebook contacts or to hidden callers. See the details of your newly created rule. They allow you to control which of the four walls to close for the selected number(s) - whether to accept or reject calls, SMS, MMS and WAP push messages. Who can you block: Standard phone numbers. Private/hidden numbers. Incomplete phone numbers - the wildcard filter allows you to block incoming calls and messages which contain a certain number pattern, for example. This is an easy way to block international prefixes and numbers you do not remember completely. Messages containing a text pattern - for example, block messages containing "win the lottery." Groups of callers - all in phonebook, all not in phonebook, hidden, all other numbers for which there is no filtering rule. So, you can block just about everyone and every spam. The result: You have your time to yourself and your Inbox clean. Incoming calls (voice and video) are instantly and silently rejected with a busy tone. Messages (text messages, MMS and WAP push messages) are silently filtered with no sound or light indication.
LicenseFree to try
File Size265.9 kB
Operating System Symbian OS 9.x Symbian Mobile