iSSH - SSH / VNC Console for iPad

iSSH features portrait and landscape mode, 53x24 or 80x24 with scroll-back buffer, arrow keys, Ctrl, alt, esc, tab, shift, Fn keys (1-10), ` key, all in combination, keys are highlighted to confirm combination, multiple simultaneous connections, store any number of connections and configurations, command execution on connection, transparent keyboard, three selectable monospaced fonts, via EDGE, WiFi or 3G, support for any non-standard ssh port, RSA and DSA key generation and exchange via email or password-connected SSH, can support "uninterrupted" connections via GNU Screen and the command option, transfers public keys automatically without needing to email first, pinch zooming, and reachability notification.
Price USD 7.99
License Purchase
File Size 7.15 MB
Version 4.2.1
Operating System iOS, iPhone OS 3.x
System Requirements Requires iPhone OS 3.0